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Have you spent a lot of time and efforts in building up a loyal crowd of visistors and online followers? Have you done this via your website which is a review platform or a blog, via social networks like Facebook or Twitter or maybe via a popular newsletter or mailing list which is sent to thousands of Internet users?

A affiliate gets up to 15% commission per order by promoting our website and/or our products via personalized links to their website visitors or social media followers. We personally have a strong preference for these kind of promotion campaigns because contrary to advert programs you keep full control of the adverts that appear on your website and at the same time you maintain a perfect relation with your visitors or you can decide to extend this relationship by recommending additional products.

Earn commissions on every sale

Because the average order value is about $2400, your commission per realized order can be fairly high. An example: When you generate 15 orders via your personalized affiliate links, you will get 10% commission per order, which leads to an average total of $3600 in commissions ( ($2400 * 0.10) * 15 ). The more orders you can realize via your affiliate links on a monthly basis, the higher the commission rate, even up to 15%! Please click here to view our exact commission percentages.

Everyone can register as an affiliate. The registration process will take less than 2 minutes after which you can immediately start promoting our products. You will become an exclusive associate: no third parties are involved.

No matter if you have a huge network or if you are a blogger with a single blog, each one of you can create unique links and banners in the blink of an eye allowing you to personally determine your way of advertising and earning money.

Earn money per order which has been realized via your affiliate link or banner. The more orders via your affiliate link, the higher the commission. Monitor on a monthly or yearly basis how many orders and clicks have been generated via your links.

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The way it works

Upon completing an account, you can immediately start creating unique links and banners. Next, promote these links and banners to your visitors and/or followers. As soon as one of your banners/links is clicked, a cookie is saved on the potential client’s computer/smartphone/tablet. This cookie tracks unique clicks and potential subsequent orders and ensures all this click and order traffic is displayed on your personal affiliate panel. At the end of the month, all your approved commissions will be added to determine whether you have reached the minimal payment amount. When you have reached this amount and when your profile has been fully completed, we will pay your commissions.

It’s easy to start

You will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of the registration process and by the fact you can immediately start using your first affiliate links. Within a few minutes time you can start using your affiliate links and banners and you can start generating revenues.

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Commission percentages

The more clients that place an order via your affiliate links, the higher the commission rate. Please find below an overview of all our commission percentages:

# orders Commission
<5 5%
<10 7.5%
<25 10%
25≥ 15%

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